funny sayings

funny sayings I want to remember:

After receiving an answer to his question Aiden will say “oh, I’m sorry”.  He has now changed it up to say “oh, ever mind” (never-mind).  I guess he feels he shouldn’t trouble us with his silly questions 😉

Whats for day mama? (What are we doing today?)

How was your day mama? My favorite was when this question comes at 8 am followed by “What you did?”  When I answer “Woke up, took a shower, made you breakfast” he responds “oh I’m sorry” hehe

If Aiden hands me a food item he will had it, start to walk away and then flip around and say “Don’t eat it!”  The best was when he handed me a dog bone he was giving Bailey and Lula and then told me not to eat it.  Ah, not a problem dude!


After the Montana State playoff game (we lost) we packed up the tailgate and headed down to the Christmas Stroll.  In my 28 years I’ve never seen Santa lighting the lights.  I didn’t even know that he lit the lights until 2 years ago!  I felt a little cheated and didn’t want to let another year pass without seen “the point” of Christmas stroll.  We were late, but we saw the lighting of one light, it was interesting, but not all that exciting.

Aiden puts the “stroll” in stroll… he saw none of it, but was totally confused when he woke up as I was putting him in the car.  One of those “where the heck am I” moments.


Ryan obviously had a little captain in him 😉


Oh Christmas Tree

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We ventured out to Hyalite canyon on our annual Christmas Tree hunt.  Activities like this are getting much more enjoyable as Aiden moves out of the baby stage.  He spent only about 15 minutes in the backpack and then spent the rest of the time in the snow or on the sled.  He even discovered his own snow house (aka snow and a log) and was busy in his living room while Dad ventured of to look for the winning tree.

Everyone with their bounty.  (Someone in this photo is paranoid, but I’m not naming names)


After an afternoon snooze we brought our tree inside.  Aiden was very concerned about the lights, or lack there of, and asked for them every few minutes until Ryan was able to bring in all the boxes from the garage.  Aiden was very helpful with the ornaments and loved looking at each and everyone.  When asked which one was his favorite he proudly exclaimed “The Bobcat one!” and ran over to point at it.    11271003ablog

Pondering Santa and his wish list.11271004b2blog

Our Christmas tree adventure wasn’t complete without a cup of hot chocolate.11271007a2blog


focus on the positive

With working from home mom guilt I try really hard to limit Toy Story, ipod and veggie tales/sesame street.  When I have a deadline I usually cave.  I’ve been strong for the last two weeks and he has stopped asking so frequently and without tantrums.  Victory.

Books vs TV awesome.09221003ablog1

Ignore the plant in the middle of the floor, it was soaking up an accident… you can’t win them all!

I often feel like I’m failing as a parent.  I need to focus on the positives.  A virtual pat on the back; he is still alive and healthy.  Parenting Props: