ten on tuesday

1.  I’ve become a huge fan of a new (to me) blog from Ashley Ann Photography.  She has great photos, gives amazing tips for those just starting out, and my favorite part is her DIY section.  She has 3 boys and a newborn little girl, but still finds time to blog?  What!?!  You MUST check out her daughter’s nursery.  If I could pull this off in my house (Ryan would never agree) I’d do it in a heart beat.  (Ryan wouldn’t even let me get a white crib… I need to stop asking for his opinion ;-))

2.  Aiden had his first sleep over on Saturday night!  Jen and Dustin bailed us out and watched Aiden so I could photograph and Ryan could attend a friends wedding.  Everything went amazingly well.  I expected lots of tears at bed time, but it went amazingly well.  The only tears came when Jen tried to put them in the bath.  We think they might have been weirded out by having someone else in the otherwise lonely tub.  I picked him up a little after midnight and carried him home to his bed, and he didn’t even stir the whole walk home.

3.  If feels like every time I look around Aiden is getting taller and his feet are getting huge.  He might be taller than me by the time he is 10.

4.  Hallelujah!!!  My dad has moved out of the stone ages 🙂  21 months ago I quit my job as a travel agent and started working part time with my dad.  If you don’t know he has a mystery shopping business.  21 months ago we took a step from doing everything on paper, spending thousands of dollars at the post office and using tape recorders and cassettes, to online surveys, and sending out CD’s (still using cassettes though).  Last week we moved all phone shops from cassettes to the internet with a 1800 number that records the calls, even from a cell phone.  I feel liberated from cassette tape hell.  Hallelujah!

5.  If you need any cassettes check our ebay listing.  1500 cassettes up for grabs.  I kid I kid 😉

6.  We canceled the satellite and I’m sick of pandora (just for the moment) so I’ve been “watching” tv online while I work.  One night I caught up on the Great American Road trip, The Bachelorette  and Dating in the dark.  Nothing like bad tv to listen too while making sweet portraits.  DON’T you DARE tell me who proposed!  I’m only on week 5.

7.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten to 7 without a picture.  Yes I’ve been that busy. 🙂  We went to a BBQ with Ryan’s work friends.  There was some tickling… (his laugh is so infectious)


8.  Boston showed us his adorable smile!bostonblog1

9. I tried to play matchmaker with Aiden and Greta, but Boston shared his toys and Aiden ate all her food.


10.  but isn’t he cute, even if he does eat all your food 😉


July 28, 2009 - 9:48 am Courtney - LOVE the knuckle dimples!!!

July 28, 2009 - 8:55 pm Beatrice Killam - Okay, I HAVE to ask! There is a little boy living right up the road from our house whose name is Boston. Could that be the same little guy? Living on Little Wolf Road? I'm just trying to think of how many little boys named Boston there could possibly be in this town...What a small world it really is if it is the same baby.

July 29, 2009 - 10:20 pm Jen - We made the blog :-) hehe We LOVED having Aiden over! He's such a cutie and easy going. He and Peyton had a blast playing, minus bath time. Any time you need a sitter just call we're always around!

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